Hand Crosses . . .

Hand Crosses

Hand Crosses are another way of meditating on the sacred mysteries of Christ. The Cross is the most well known Christian symbol and is a foundational element of Christian faith, since on the cross; Jesus won salvation for the world.

Many Christians find it helpful to meditation on or just to wear a cross as a constant reminder of their faith.

Hand Crosses are available with or without a leather necklace.

Hand Crosses cost $10.00 without a necklace and $11.00 with a necklace: Plus Postage.

Hand Crosses are made from Redgum which is an Australian hardwood.

How to purchase . . .

You can order a Hand Cross by writing to:

Neil Nyholm
77 Albany Drive
Mulgrave VIC 3170

Telephone: +61 (0)418 365 893


Click here to send an e-mail to order a Hand Cross.

Hand Crosses
Hand Crosses
Hand Crosses