Personal Meditation . . .

Chartres Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a meditation aid that enables pilgrims to undertake a short reflective journey in the quietness of their home or chapel. Taking time out in the day to trace the labyrinth provides a way of become more closely drawn into the mystery of God.

The use of the labyrinth is growing in popularity among Christians seeking a deeper spiritual experience as it can be used in the quietness and privacy of your home. There are many ways to use the labyrinth and no two people will have the same experience using it.

It is recommended to approach the labyrinth as you would commence a spiritual journey, with an open mind and a prayerful desire to spend time with God. Begin by placing the labyrinth on your lap or a table in front of you and commence the journey be tracing the path with your finger from the outside to the centre. Pause along the way to reflect, listen and spend time in silence so that you can connect with how God is leading you on your life’s journey.

When you reach the centre, spend time in this sacred space to pray and share with God your concerns and feelings. You may care to dedicate each petal of the rose to some issue you would like to pray for: family, peace, those in need, etc..

Then begin the outward journey by retracing your steps along the path to the outside edge. This is where you begin your mission of ‘going out’ to the world. During this phase you may want to call on God to strengthen you for life’s journey and to empower you to show love to others.

Left on display in your house the labyrinth is a constant reminder of your sacred journey with God.