Testimonials . . .

Finger Labyrinth

Finger Labyrinths . . .

"Beautiful labyrinth - I am very grateful and will use it each day"
- Marie Stripp - Bairnsdale, Victoria.

"I have tired your finger labrynth personally and am loving the experience"
- Padmini - Bulli, NSW

"Delighted to receive the finger Labyrinth. Am looking forward to a new prayer journey."
- Genai P-Bond Castlemaine - Vic

"Thank you both again for welcoming us in to show us your beautiful finger labyrinths, and for taking the time on such a beautiful day to talk with us about them. My mother is thrilled with hers and I'm confident we chose the right one for her." Catherine Watherhouse - Northcote Vic.

". . . thank you for your beautiful labyrinths. Please know they will be well cared for and used many times by groups of teachers reflecting on the heart of their work."
Alison McKenzie
Chevalier Institute
Kensington NSW

Hand Crosses . . .

"The Hand Crosses continue to bring solace (to my patients) at a very diffilult time, so I am very appreciative of your gifts an inniative in their production"
- Dr Lyn Beaumont - Upwey, Victoria.